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Nordiko Quarantine Systems - starting to count

Supplier: Nordiko Quarantine Systems By: Wil Grullemans
14 October, 2013

Nordiko Quarantine Systems has been operating for over 10 years, and since its establishment has been providing solutions to prevent the release of many harmful gases.

Though gas capture is often for the sake of human health and safety, the environmental impacts of some fumigants can be quite severe. Methyl Bromide, a very common fumigant and one that Nordiko deals with the most, is both a greenhouse gas (Global Warming Potential of 16) and an Ozone Depleting Gas (Ozone Depleting Potential of 0.6).

Nordiko is proud to say that in the last year their products have prevented the release of over 2 tonnes of methyl bromide in Australia, and approximately 6.5 tonnes worldwide. This is the equivalent of preventing the emission of 111 tonnes of CO2 or 3.3 tonnes of the ozone devastating CFC-11.

Another fumigant known for its environmental effect is sulfuryl fluoride, which possesses a GWP of 3-4000; so every tonne of sulfuryl fluoride released has the equivalent effect to 4000 tonnes of carbon dioxide. Nordiko's methyl bromide emission reductions come from the use of over 68 degassing systems, employing the Nordiko activated carbon filter.

However Nordiko filters are not only limited to post-fumigation applications, they are also employed in residual gas extraction. In this application they capture a wide range of toxic gases which can be found in shipping containers as the result of past fumigations or chemicals released by commodities.