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NOVO Digital Radiography | Innovative - Compact - Rugged

Supplier: NDT Equipment Sales

NOVO DR Ltd. is proud to introduce the latest generation of Portable Digital Radiography X-ray Inspection Systems.

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System Highlights:

  • Thinnest, Lightest Detectors:  15.6mm Thin, 150 Kg Proof Load, High Dose Compatible.
  • Smallest Footprint:  Complete System in a 25" Pelican Case on Wheels.
  • Parallel Multi Location Control and Display:  Downrange Wearable Tablet, or Safe-Zone Extra Large Tablet.
  • Highest Image Quality:  16 bit Latest Generation.
  • Most Ruggest System:  MIL-DTL38999 Connectors, MIL-STD-810G Tablets.
  • Touch Software:  Simple Touch Interface.
  • Over 16 hours battery operation.

Popular Applications:

Oil and Gas - NOVO's portable x-ray systems offer unique advantages to the Oil & Gas industry's radiography inspections of pipes, pressure vessel, structural welds, valves etc.  These state of the art units makes it easy to look for defects such as porosity, cracks, lack of fusion, inclusions, corrosion and erosion, and also to measure pipes' wall thickness with precision.

Aerospace - NOVO's portable digital X-ray systems are perfect for on the spot analysis required in the aerospace field.  The systems are easy to carry, fully wireless and battery operated, compact and lightweight and can be used in tight and elevated places inthe field as well as in the laboratory.  The systems provide the ideal solution for aircraft radiography inspection during both production and maintenance operation.

Shipyards - NOVO's portable digital X-ray systems provide immediate results, on site, and are ideal for inspection of welding in shipyards during production and maintenance.  NOVO's state of the art digital radiography flat panel detectors allow shorter exposure and lower dose usage, compared to other technologies, and thus smaller area closure and increased production.

Munition - Munitions quality control during production or periodic inspections is crucial.  NOVO's portable X-ray systems provide high quality images within seconds to detect cracks, explosives integrity, assemblies' errors, faulty fuses and more.

Construction - NOVO's portable X-ray systems have been designed to meet the challenges o the construction industry.  Its features allow accurate identification and measurement of rebars, plastic conduits, cables, voids and more.  The system is easy to deploy, highly portable, battery operated, fully wireless, rugged and simple to operate in all weather conditions and yet provides outstanding image quality.

NOVO Digital Radiography