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NSW needs long term reform to drive down unemployment

16 September, 2009

NSW’s leading business organisation, NSW Business Chamber said the latest ABS labour force data that shows NSW’s unemployment rate is still above the national average should only drive the state harder to turn around its lagging economy.

NSW’s unemployment figure of 6.1% still remains above the national figure of 5.8% and every other state and territory except Victoria.

“NSW’s unemployment rate is still well above the national average and is an unacceptable position for Australia’s Premier State to be in,” said Stephen Cartwright, CEO of NSW Business Chamber.

“More needs to be done to turn around NSW’s struggling economy – there is a clearly a strong case for much needed reform of government in NSW.

“What the people of NSW expect from the Government and Opposition is to knuckle down and get on with the job of delivering the best results this state can achieve.

“NSW can ill afford either the Government or Opposition to be distracted from creating a long-term reform agenda for the State.

Cartwright said that the business community was fed up with short term political point scoring and hand-wringing on difficult reforms and was prepared to take on responsibility for producing a long-term vision for NSW.

“NSW Business Chamber launched our NSW – Reclaiming 1st campaign in April to draw together experts to create a policy platform to get NSW back into first place, because we can no longer afford for business as usual to be our slogan.

The next NSW – Reclaiming 1st symposium on 30 September 2009, the third of four, is on the theme of Reducing the Burden on Business and will examine ways to reform the tax system in NSW and cut red tape on business.

Former NSW Treasurer, Michael Costa and Australian Financial Review Editor, Alan Mitchell will lead the debate on tax reform while Productivity Commissioner, Angela MacCrae and Deputy CEO of Standards Australia, Colin Blair will lead debate on cutting red tape.

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| Tuesday, September 22, 2009, 10:18 AM
This is just another example of the NSW Government thinking it is the No.1 State, therefore it does not need to work as hard as other states. It makes this mistake time and time again. The Government needs to eat a piece of humble pie and realise that it has to constantly work at improving itself to really become the dynamic state it thinks it is. There's not point imagining you are something when in reality you are something else. Come on NSW, pull your finger out.