Packaging Success Stories of Australia’s Biggest Chocolate Brands

As more and more Australians develop a taste for high quality artisan chocolate, more brands are entering the market and finding their ways into stores, and into the mouths of chocolate lovers.

Manufacturing and selling chocolate in Australia actually holds many challenges for chocolatiers, including:

– Temperate extremes with Australia’s varied climate
– Shipping over large distances between capital cities
– Demand for various sizes and formats of chocolates from small health food stores to large chain supermarkets
– Capital costs associated with packaging multi products in small runs due to Australia’s relatively small population


The team at Emrich Packaging Machinery is adept at identifying key challenges and providing bespoke packaging solutions for some of Australia’s biggest chocolate brands. The following high growth brands have relied on Emrich’s 30+ years of food packaging experience to take their chocolate products to the next level of presentation, customer convenience and food safety:

– Pana Chocolate
– Margaret River Chocolate Factory
– Ministry of Chocolate
– Sweet William
– Confectionery House
– Gabriel Chocolate
– Red Zen 

Chocolate brands come to Emrich looking for a way to overcome key packaging challenges such as how to package several different chocolate sizes on the one machine, and how to reduce smearing during the packaging process. The team at Emrich can quickly identify which of packaging machines can add the most value to the client. 


The team at Emrich believes that chocolate should arrive to the consumer as immaculate, glossy and delicious as the moment it left the kitchen… and the right choice of packaging machine is one way to achieve this goal. Brands can now quickly test the market with new products and pack designs without investing on new equipment or parts every time.

Benefits of the Flow Wrapper machines:

– Saves substantial labour costs by automating several tasks at once
– Boasts a packaging rate of up to 200 complete units per minute
– Simple to change over between products and packaging (which makes life easy for the chocolatiers who produce everything from individual bite-sized chocolates, to blocks, up to boxes of chocolates)



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