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PB Blaster

Supplier: Lube Control
30 January, 2013

Back in 1955 in Florida a phosphate mine was having incredible trouble with maintenance and repair to plant and equipment as the high humidity of Florida combined with the chemical and corrosive action of phosphate made the task of dismantling and undoing machinery almost impossible.

That is until William Westley developed PB Blaster specifically for this task.Since then PB Blaster has been constantly upgraded and improved and today is the world's largest selling penetrant. For more then 40 years professional technicians and handy men have relied on PB Blaster as a powerful, penetrating catalyst designed to free up and break loose rusty nuts and bolts.

PB uses a deep penetrating, capillary action, non-evaporating formula. Just spray the components and allow the penetrating action to work itself deep into all nooks and crannies, breaking down the surface tension of the rust. This allows the operator to quickly loosen and remove the nut, bolt or component that they're working on. PB uses a unique pinpoint spray nozzle therefore there is no need for that easily lost and hard to work with, little red straw. The pinpoint spray nozzle enables the user to reach hard to get places, or even spray a distance across equipment. Unlike some competitor products that evaporate after application, PB stays on the job well after application, acting as a lubricant and rust inhibitor.

PB Blaster can be used as a rust inhibitor for all types of sporting equipment including golf clubs and fishing reels. Spray PB on wet car ignition wires. It displaces the moisture and helps the vehicle start. PB Blaster's formula is also environmentally friendly with no CFC's or 1,1,1 contained in the product. PB blaster has a flash point of 152 degrees and uses CO2 as propellant. Using PB is believing in it. Once a person tries PB Blaster product, they'll see that it's a superior product that does the job quickly and efficiently. Under any situation, on the road or in the shop, rust, corrosion, sticking and squeaking, the vast majority of problems are eliminated with a spray of PB.

Unlike most of its competitors, PB Blaster was designed for tough jobs such as brakes, exhaust and suspension systems and has consistently outperformed all competitors' products in these and many more applications. Head-to-head comparisons between PB and its competitors have shown that PB outperforms. Other products may work fine on simple household problems like a squeaky hinge, but when it comes to the big jobs, the professionals choose PB Blaster. They know how important it is to use the right tool for the right job.

When nothing else works, it's PB that finally gets the job done. In terms of effectiveness and dependability, PB has set the standard for lubricating penetrant.