Personalise merchandise with individual laser engraving

Personalise merchandise with individual laser engraving

No matter the occasion, Christmas, a company party or as a small gift for employees, personalised promotional items are welcome gifts.


A company logo or someone’s name emotionalises an everyday object and transforms it into something very special.


Increase your margin with the personalisation of merchandise

Laser engraving transforms promotional items into individual gifts within a few moments and customers are willing to spend more money for this laser finishing. In our experience, personalisation achieves 5-10 times the sale price compared to the blank standard product.


Increased customer loyalty with personalised merchandise

Personalised gifts create closeness and contribute to successful customer loyalty. This ranges from small laser-engraved giveaways with company logos to high-quality branded promotional items with individual personalisation. Your customers will love their own name on a pen, thermal mug or lunch box. From personalised calendars to individual towels: There are customised gift ideas for every industry and interest group.


Which promotional items can be personalised with laser engraving?

Trotec laser machines are the universal tool with which you can individually and productively laser engrave promotional items made of many materials. The range includes USB sticks, keyrings, glasses, wooden spoons and calendars – you can easily personalise your promotional gifts with laser engraving or laser cutting.


Suitable materials for a CO2 laser machine are wood, acrylic, textiles or glass. You can mark a wide variety of metals or plastics with a fiber laser. Or use both laser sources in one machine – with our flexx laser machines. This means that the personalisation of promotional items is faster, more efficient and cost-effective than other methods.


Collection of ideas for personalised merchandise

With the Trotec laser samples on our website, on our YouTube channel or on the Trotec Laser Facebook fan page, you will always find new, extraordinary ideas for personalising promotional items using laser engraving.

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