Forestry and council-owned timber haul roads experience heavy wear and tear during harvesting season. PolyCom Stabilising Aid provides a convenient solution.

Under pressure to meet environmental standards for soil, water and ecological protection, some forestry corporations are utilising an environment compliant road maintenance solution to prepare their unsealed roads for timber harvesting operations. 

PolyCom Stabilising Aid, an Australian made road maintenance and construction additive, aids compaction during road construction. This enables road makers to build a strong, resilient pavement from the region’s naturally occurring materials - a method that reduces, if not eliminates, the cost of importing gravel materials. With the addition of PolyCom, in-situ material that would normally be considered unsuitable for road making can be utilised at a greatly reduced cost.

Listed with procurement directory Eco-Buy and local government procurement initiative Sustainable Choice, PolyCom is environment and OHS compliant.

Harvesting operations came to end in a Victorian forest recently, and on inspection the haul roads treated with PolyCom prior to harvesting are in significantly better condition than the untreated roads. The PolyCom treated roads were used as exit routes for fully loaded vehicles, yet faired better than the untreated entry routes used by empty vehicles.

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