Portable purging fans clear the air

Supplier: Fanquip
08 June, 2010

Fanquip has released a series of electricity-powered portable industrial purging fans for heavy industries with power and volume capabilities equalling that achieved by non-portable equivalents purposes.


These lightweight units are supplied with five metres of heavy duty flexible ducting allowing them to be placed well away from an opening to allow a greater level of fresh air environment for operators.

The purging fans have a lightweight aluminium casing and can be set up for either blowing or extracting, therefore in situations where there is only one escape route all unwanted air is quickly and easily purged out.

With industry subjected to increasing fines for breaches of occupational health and safety (OH&S) laws relating to confined space ventilation in the workplace, Fanquip's purging fans suit almost every industry as they can be supplied with electric motors or petrol powered units.

Capacities and tolerances of electric motor driven units include:

  • Fan diameters of 300mm and 400mm.
  • Motor speeds of 2880rpm.
  • Motor powers in 1.10, 1.50 or 2.20kW.
  • Free air volumes of 1200, 2200, or 2500l/s.
  • Voltages of 1-Ph 240V or 3-Ph 415V.

Petrol powered purging fans are available in a 300mm diameter, 3hp, 3000rpm version moving 1500 l/sec air volume, or a 400mm diameter 5hp, 3000rpm version capable of purging 2800 l/sec of air.

Designed primarily as a replacement for trailer mounted units, Fanquip purging fans include a standard transportation frame for convenient fit and moveability.