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Private Property Installation for the Green Pipe - Procedures

Supplier: Recycled Plastic Technology
09 September, 2009

For a successful installation it is critical to achieve correct compaction of materials for side support.

Installation Procedures

a) Gravel or crushed rock of suitable grading no larger than 15 mm in size.

b) Sand on a 13 mm sieve that contains no rocks, hard or sharp objects.

c) The excavated material can be used providing provided that it meets with the essential requirements of (a) and/or (b) and it is free of rocks.

Trenches should be free of any groundwater and in unstable soils additional bedding material and geofabric may be required to ensure pipes are installed with a sound foundation.

Side support:

For a successful installation it is critical to achieve correct compaction of materials for side support. Recommended compaction is to 95% dry density. Incorrect embedment of side support materials may cause instability.

Build up side compaction evenly to avoid disturbing the pipe alignment.

Materials used for side support should comply with the requirements listed for Bedding Material.

Side support material should be evenly tamped in layers of between 75mm and 150mm (dependant upon pipe size) to an even surface finish.

Side support material compaction should be continued over the height of the pipe to a minimum of 200mm. This overlay protects the pipe during final backfill

In embankment installations the side fills should be brought up evenly on both sides and continued to surround the pipe by 300mm or twice the diameter of the pipe; whichever is the greater.


The remainder of the trench or embankment can be filled with excavated materials providing it does not contain large rocks, hard or sharp objects and is evenly compacted in 200mm increments.

Backfill should not be used to dump rubbish or unwanted materials. Failure to backfill correctly may contaminate your installation with rocks or other sharp objects leading to pipe invasion or breakage.

Pipe Deflection:

Pipe deflection should always be checked on completion of installation and any noticeable deflection (over 5%) requires immediate review of the compaction, bedding materials and installation techniques used.


Correct installation procedures, bedding, side support, overlay and backfill materials are essential for a successful installation and the long-term life and performance of your pipe.

Particular care must be taken if you have unstable soils or high levels of ground water trench contamination.


To ensure optimum performance of your RPT Green Pipe the above installation procedures must be followed. Failure to follow all of the above procedures will void all written or implied warranties for The Green Pipe.

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