Protecting the most important assets – workers

11 September, 2018

The nationwide initiative aims to raise awareness of work health and safety risks for tradies. Safe Work Australia’s CEO Michelle Baxter said that worksites for tradies are hazardous by nature, and that employers have a duty to ensure their team is working safely.

“According to the latest WHS statistics, tradies make up almost one-third of Australia’s workforce, but they represent over half of the country’s serious workers’ compensation claims,” said Ms Baxter.

The most common serious claims for workers’ compensation are attributed to muscular stress while lifting, carrying or putting down objects.

“Injuries that tradies often experience include traumatic joint/ligament, and muscle/tendon injuries. Most distressingly, almost 50 tradies a year die from vehicle incidents.”

Throughout August, Safe Work Australia will share resources on tradies’ health and safety by publishing a collection of data, videos, resources and information on our website. These can be accessed at any time, from any smartphone or tablet device.

“We want every tradie to go home safe. For more information and guidance on WHS in the trade industry, contact the local WHS regulator in your area,” said Ms Baxter.

“Serious injuries and fatalities will end up costing you more if you take shortcuts. Deadlines are serious, but injuries and fatalities are worse.”

Browse our website for resources, WHS contacts and general guidance on how to keep safe as a tradie.

Note: ‘Tradies’ are comprised of technicians and trades workers, labourers, and machinery drivers and operators.