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Public weighbridge installed for BP

Supplier: Ultrahawke By: Gary Bryant
13 July, 2011

A multi-deck weighbridge has been commissioned for use as a Public Weighbridge at BP’s site in Epping, Victoria.

Supplied by Ultrahawke in Melbourne, the public weighbridge comprises four individual weighbridge decks for an overall weighbridge length of twenty-eight metres.

As well as listing the Gross Vehicle Mass (GVM) on the public weighbridge ticket, Ultrahawke’s multi-deck weighbridge also identifies the weight of each axle group in a bid to eliminate accidental vehicle overloading caused by incorrect load positioning. In recent years, most fines issued for vehicle overloading are as a result of overloaded axle(s) rather than exceeding the vehicle’s GVM.

To comply with the legal requirements of operating a Public Weighbridge, Ultrahawke’s design included a host of integrated electronic equipment:

  • a boom gate to prevent vehicle access if the public weighbridge isn’t at a ZERO reading
  • positional sensors to monitor truck positioning
  • external traffic lights to indicate to the driver to move forward/backward
  • CCTV cameras to ensure the operator can verify correct vehicle positioning

Rather than require a dedicated Weighbridge Operator, Ultrahawke’s public weighbridge system can be controlled from any of the existing cash registers within the shop. The supplied public weighbridge ticket includes an image of the truck with all required data superimposed over the image for security.

The public weighbridge comprises four individual weighing decks measuring four, six, eight and ten metres in length which suits axle group spacing for most vehicles. Each weighbridge deck is supported on four heavy duty Flinted load cells manufactured in stainless steel and with an IP68 waterproof and dust proof rating.

The weighing electronics comprise four digital weight indicators and a summing indicator to display the weights of each deck separately as well as the total of all decks for the total vehicle weight. Ultrahawke is Australia’s largest weighbridge manufacturer and has been in operation for over 150 years designing and fabricating heavy duty weighing equipment.