Robopac Genesis Cube

Supplier: Robotic Automation
05 December, 2012

The Genesis Cube packs speed, features ...and pallets!

ROBOPAC's new Genesis Cube is a fully automatic, in-line stretch wrapping system. At 80 revolutions per minute, it is thought to be the fastest wrapper in the world and capable of packaging up to 135 pallets per hour* (*depending on line speed and revolutions of film required). The world's largest manufacturer of pallet wrapping machines has packed this system with the most advanced set of features and options to protect your product during transport and storage.

Further features include:

  • Patented Rotating-Ring technology that minimises wear on parts while achieving high speeds.
  • Ring-lift via 4-chain kinematics supported by a robust, 4 column structure.
  • Easy to use, colour touch-screen control panel.

ARC2: (Automatic Reel Change x2)

  • Now your staff can leave the process unattended for even longer! Available in one or two film-loading units that automatically swing in to eject empty film cores and swiftly reload.


  • Pneumatically driven clamp unit with hot wire film cutter & film tail welding device included as standard.

Top Sheeting: Interior device to cover the pallet with film dispensed.

  • Pallet Lifting device to allow complete wrapping of the pallet base using a patented system that optimises consumption and perfectly centres the top sheet over the pallet.

Roping" Device:

  • Reduces the film strip into a rope to give an additional, stabilising web of film to the load.
Robopac Genesis Cube