Roof safety analysis and fan system maintenance from Fanquip

Supplier: Fanquip
08 June, 2010

Roof safety analysis and fan system maintenanceFan-driven ventilation systems, in most cases, are located on rooftops and are therefore difficult to access when servicing is required.

To counter this problem, Fanquip now provides roof safety analysis for companies to ensure all safety-related aspects of this potentially dangerous workplace zone are up to WorkCover expectations.

More often than not, when a standard installation and maintenance specialist is called into service it can be a near-emergency scenario and this is the primary reason for Fanquip's expansion in this direction of industrial markets.

In these near emergency scenarios, technical engineers have virtually no time to investigate the safety levels of the rooftop work environment and therefore are exposed to a potentially risky worksite.

Fanquip management would rather see a situation where all workers remain safe at all times while its clients have peace of mind that their rooftop areas are as safe as they possibly can be.

The rooftop safety analysis is about much more than just fans, Fanquip’s installation engineers make a critical appraisal of all associated equipment.

Then there is all other manner of associated equipment which needs to be carefully inspected for safety standards including walkways and platforms, connection points for safety harnesses, ladders and access stairs, the quality of power outlets and lighting, wiring, caging and casing, noise attenuation, pumps and other utilities, safety barriers, guard rails emission control and motors.

All associated equipment becomes a safety-related issue when servicing fan systems on a roof.

Fanquip service engineers have to make their way onto a roof as quickly and as safely as possible to service its clients’ fans, so rooftops should be permanently equipped with updated and safe systems.