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Safety fuels Domino's GPS driver tracker technology

07 May, 2015

In the biggest transformation to pizza delivery in the brand's 54 year history, Domino's Pizza Enterprises Limited (Domino's) launches GPS Driver Tracker, designed to keep delivery drivers safe and shake up the takeaway industry forever.

Inspired by the 'uberfication' movement (consumer-need convenience), the tracking technology employs similar strategies as the likes of taxi industry disruptor, Uber, but extends further given Domino's owns and operates the entire fleet.

Domino's Group CEO and Managing Director Don Meij said GPS Driver Tracker enables customers to track pizza deliveries directly from the store to their door but most importantly it will keep Domino's delivery drivers safe.

"We've always been a safe business but we're now taking it to the next level and gaining a new level of transparency over our drivers," Meij said.

"They are out and about making pizza deliveries at all times of the day so it's extremely important for us that the heart of our business, our team members, remain safe at all times."

Meij said that as well as generating unsafe driving behaviour reports in real time, GPS Tracker will set good driving behaviour benchmarks in the business.

"We trialled the tracker technology in 50 Domino's stores across Australia, in some stores for up to 18 months before launch and we watched the number of driver incidents reduce by 50 per cent."

For customers, the benefits include the delivery of faster, fresher and hotter pizzas, convenience and a unique customer engagement with their pizza delivery driver.

"Our customers will be able to watch their driver on route to their door in real time, know exactly who their driver is by name and even know what music they like and their favourite sport team.

"It's new level of engagement between our customers and our delivery drivers that?s never been seen before in the takeaway food industry."

Meij said the Company is always looking for ways to continue innovating and using technology to improve the pizza ordering experience.

"We hope our customers will engage with the GPS Tracker as much as our popular Domino's Live Pizza Tracker and really reap the benefits of convenience, transparency and engagement.

"It provides them with a unique customer experience, make our stores more productive and efficient and keep our drivers safe 24/7," Meij said.

The national rollout of GPS Driver Tracker throughout all stores in Australia and New Zealand is Wednesday 1 July 2015.

Domino's partnered with Navman on the tailored GPS technology solution.

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