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Sewage Water Treatment

Supplier: Aquasol

The Aquasol Sewage Waste Water Recycling Plant is a complete wastewater recycling and reuse system that is designed to treat wastewater from populations (population equivalents) of 20 to 1000.

Price Guide: POA

Aquasol Sewage plants are typically installed to treat wastewater from housing developments, resorts, lifestyle villages, caravan parks, nursing homes, mine site camps and most other developments that require on-site sewage treatment.

The process incorporates Anaerobic and Aerobic Treatment along with Return Activated Sludge to facilitate biological wastewater treatment to effluent standards for Biochemical Oxygen Demand , Suspended Solids Ammonia and Total Nitrogen .

The plant incorporates an Anaerobic Tank, Biological Aeration Tank, Clarifier Tank, Polishing Tank, Media Filtration and an Irrigation Storage Tank.

Water in the end storage Irrigation Tank has been membrane filtered and disinfected, meeting Class A water standards for irrigation or dust suppression around the site. The treatment plant can be placed above or below ground.

References of AQUASOL Water Treatment Applications:
NLV Lifestyle Village Sewage System

  • 150m3/Day Output
  • 800EP low water use
  • Irrigated to Gardens
  • DEC Licenced
  • SMS Alarm system

Catalpa Resources Sewage System 180EP

  • 1.5Kw Blower
  • 2.2Kw Irrigation Pumps
  • Ozone no odour system
  • Sealed air tight Tanks
  • 50m3/day discharge 

Amberley Estate Sewage Plant

  • Designed for 50EP
  • Worked at wine and seafood festivals held to cater for 10000 visitors over weekend.
  • WA Health approved and tested