Shining a light on JLG service

Supplier: JLG Industries (Australia)
09 July, 2018

Kennards Hire recently invested heavily in a large number of JLG Metro-LED Lighting Towers, one of the which was the milestone 500th Metro-LED tower manufactured in Australia by JLG .

With JLG Metro-LED Lighting Towers offering a range of benefits that make light work of lighting tasks across sectors including civil work, project work, entertainment and events, it's not surprising they are so popular. Combining extra-low voltage high-output LED lights, fuel efficient engines and auto start/stop controllers, fuel consumption is greatly reduced; as are noise levels, thanks to improved sound proofing, quieter running engines and new exhaust systems. Also designed for side-by-side loading on trucks, transport is made easy, and once onsite the light and manoeuvrable machines are easily set up by one person, further saving on time and labour.

However it wasn't only these many benefits that led Kennards Hire to recently purchase JLG Metro-LED Lighting Towers for their branch network across South Australia, Victoria, New South Wales and Queensland, and also their specialist traffic branches, as Braden Murrin, Head of Asset & Procurement at Kennards Hire explained.

"Traditionally we've bought metal hallide lights, so this was our first large purchase of the diesel powered LED lighting towers; not only are customers demanding it, but the costs of repairs and maintenance are significantly less compared to metal hallide," Braden said. "JLG Metro-LEDs are extremely good lighting towers; very compact, easy to use and maintain, and made in Australia -  all of which makes them a good product to have in the fleet. However another key reason we chose them is we have a very longstanding relationship with JLG and know their service level is second to none."

In fact, so satisfied are Kennards Hire with JLG's customer service that JLG was named Supplier of the Year at the Kennards Hire's biennial Supplier Awards ceremony on Thursday, 5 April.

"We award gold, silver and bronze for suppliers who best reflect our four company values and the ultimate winner is our Supplier of the Year, which JLG won," Braden said. "When we align with suppliers we always look for companies who, number one, are strong in customer service; if they're not, it's going to cause a lot of issues and challenges for us, so the first thing we look for is good customer service and JLG takes that out hands-down. They do a great job with all access equipment and now the Metro-LED Lighting Towers."

Bob Mules, JLG Industries' General Manager - Australia & New Zealand, who is extremely proud the JLG team won the award from their long-term and valued business partner, said: "Celebrating the milestone of our 500th Metro-LED Lighting Tower with Kennards Hire was pleasure enough; to now reveive this award, recognising our commitment to customer service, has truely capped off that landmark event and we thank Kennards Hire for this honour."