Shipping container modification for industrial purposes

Supplier: Noise Control Engineering
04 November, 2013

Various industries have utilised shipping containers to transport finished products and raw materials over long distances over land and sea.

Because of their great size as well as their sturdy built and ability to protect goods against the elements, they are seen as a cost-effective means for transportation. However, after use, many of these containers are left when their cargoes have been delivered because it is more cost-effective for businesses to purchase new ones rather than ship these containers back to their countries of origin.

As such, used shipping containers have created new industries which take advantage of their sturdiness. Some enterprising individuals make use of shipping containers for a variety of purposes including homes, mobile bars and storage units. Even businesses engaged in various industries have benefitted greatly from shipping container modification.

One of the most obvious and perhaps most important advantage of appropriating shipping containers for other purposes is that it allows consumers and businesses to recycle a material into something beneficial instead of letting them languish in shipyards, accumulating rust when they can be given another lease on life through creativity.

In addition to being sturdy, shipping containers are versatile and can be modified to meet the various needs of businesses. Many industries have modified shipping containers into acoustic enclosures for their generators, compressors, pumps and similar equipment which can create a lot of noise.

They can also be modified for storage, even those which require special storage features like temperature control. Shipping containers can also be modified as a mobile acoustic enclosure using attenuators, acoustic doors, absorptive linings and fuel tanks to enable sound absorption.

Shipping containers can also be modified into access doors for plant equipment that may need seals or specific door frames. They can also be utilised as a weather-proof enclosure for machineries that need to be placed outside.

Converting shipping containers for these and other industrial applications requires specialist expertise in order to design and modify the shipping container that meets a business's needs. In order to do this, the modification specialists need to visit the job site or area where the modified shipping container will be used and placed in order to fully assess the environment as well as come up with the necessary modifications to suit these.

Modifications can either be made in a factory or on site when the scale of the project is too big and too inconvenient to transport.