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Soft Silicone Gel PCB, Camera and Electronics Anti Vibration Mounts

Supplier: Gelmec Pty Ltd

PCBs, electronics and cameras often need very soft vibration and shock mounting solutions due to their low weight. Designed for harsh environments with operating temperatures up to 200c

Price Guide: POA

These highly damped silicone gel mounts are specially designed for PCB isolation, splitting in two to take various PCB thicknesses. They are also good for suspended or vertically mounted electronics or cameras . Much softer than traditional rubber and thermoplastic solutions and stable performance over extreme temperatures.

Outstanding vibration and shock absorption for small and narrow enclosures. This silicone based gel offers excellent shock and vibration damping. The material disperses impact three dimensionally due to its unique molecular strucutre. Ideal for fragile PCBs which can flex and crack in harsh environments. Damps wide frequency range, through bolted to minimise drift.

Gel type 5 is UL HB listed. Gel types 5,6,7 & 8 have < 3,000 ppm silicone gases. Very little siloxane gas is emitted under 100c operating temp.

  • Ultra soft, small, high damping silicone gel mount.
  • Broad temperature range.
  • Can reduce PCB flexure and cracking.
  • Splits in two to suit various PCB depths.
  • Stable performance over -40c to 200c.
  • S Gel Bush A Gel Bush B Gel Bush
  • Ideal for isolating PCB's and small components
  • Very Soft Silicone Gel
  • Damps 150gms +

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