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Gelmec Pty Ltd

Gelmec Pty Ltd | Anti Vibration, Shock and Noise Mounts

Gelmec Pty Ltd

Gelmec is a major supplier of vibration damping, noise control and shock isolation solutions for electronics. We carry a wide selection of vibration damping isolators for disk drives, PCBs and other light fragile electronics. Gelmec's special soft gel range of vibration damping materials are ideal for isolating loads of 100g+ including broad temperature and MILSPEC applications. Advanced high damping thermoplastic and urethane materials can also outperform traditional rubber solutions.

We also have thermally conductive gels and filler pads for high power or narrow space thermal problems.
For your vibration testing we can supply samples for vibration damping, noise control, shock isolation and cushioning impact problems. Our grommet, stud mount and sheet isolation solutions are suitable for PCBs, HDDs, fans, on-board computers and other sensitive equipment. We also sell thermal pads and thermal sheet materials for heat control.

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We stock a wide range of products from stud mounts to grommets and sheet damping. We specialise in light loads and solutions for electronics.

We supply isolation solutions for :
- pcbs and disk drives
- sensitive lab equipment
- test and measurement equipment
- on board electronics
- off road electronics
- small cameras
- cctv
- robotics
- defense mounted equipment
- control panels

We also supply noise control for:
- aircon units
- computers

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