Sorting Fact from Fiction: Battery Technology and Electrification of Plant Equipment

Despite increasing acceptance of electric equipment, many have concerns about rechargeable batteries and their commercial applications.

Here, we debunk the common myths surrounding commercial battery technology, such as that used in EcoTeq's range of street sweepers, pavement pressure washers and zero turn mowers.

Myth 1: All Batteries Are the Same

Lithium-ion batteries are widely used in commercial applications, so it's helpful to understand the different types, how they work, and right-fit applications. Lithium iron phosphate (LFP) batteries and nickel manganese cobalt (NMC) batteries are optimal for commercial electric equipment and vehicles (EVs). LFP batteries, often used in short-range EVs, are known for their stability, fast charging, and discharging capabilities. They also offer durability and high power output relative to their size, making them ideal for acceleration. On the other hand, NMC batteries are denser and have up to 50% more specific energy per kilogram than LFP batteries. Though they don't deliver power as quickly as LFPs, NMC batteries provide a much higher range, making them popular in commercial equipment applications like ride-on mowers due to their superior performance.

Myth 2: Special Charging Infrastructure Is Necessary

Not all battery applications require costly and infrastructure upgrades or dedicated charging facilities. NMC battery applications, like EcoTeq’s full range of electric commercial mowers, can be charged from a regular power outlet. While sweepers with LFP batteries may need three-phase power, many organisations and councils often already have this infrastructure in place for other large equipment such as welders.

Myth 3: Battery-Powered Equipment Won’t Last a Full Day’s Work

Concerns about battery changes or recharges during a shift are common. However, EcoTeq’s range is designed to power operators through a full work shift. EcoTeq's larger electric ride-on or standing mowers and compact sweepers can deliver a full day’s work on a single charge, with enough power remaining to return to the base. The Nemesis electric mower however has capacity for four hours of cutting time, ideal for operators managing multiple landscape tasks throughout the day. I

Myth 4: Diesel Equipment Has a Longer Lifespan

Lithium battery technology has advanced to the point where batteries now regularly outlast internal combustion engines (ICE). LFP batteries, for instance, typically last around 3,000 deep discharge cycles, equating to over eleven years of efficient use.

Myth 5: Electric Means Less Efficiency

The efficiency of battery-powered equipment extends beyond just the batteries. For example, EcoTeq’s NMC lithium mowers are made with lightweight aircraft alloy, known for its strength-to-weight ratio and durability. Mean Green, the manufacturer of EcoTeq’s mowers, has spent over a decade refining and testing batteries and their 100% electric design to optimize performance.

Myth 6: Batteries Aren’t Safe and Will Likely Catch Fire

Safety is crucial when dealing with batteries. Despite this, incidents of thermal runaway are rare. EcoTeq and the manufacturers of their electric equipment have invested significant time in risk mitigation, addressing issues such as excessive heat, direct sunlight, overcharging, cleaning debris, and tampering with the battery.

Myth 7: Batteries Are Harmful to the Environment

While batteries are a cleaner alternative to fossil fuels, their production and disposal have environmental impacts. To minimize the extraction of raw materials and reduce landfill, lithium batteries like those used in EcoTeq’s range can undergo rigorous recycling processes, with up to 95% of materials recovered for reuse. Additionally, battery-powered machines produce zero carbon emissions during their operational lifetime, unlike ICE equipment.

About EcoTeq Zero Emissions Solutions

As the global conversation increasingly focuses on climate action and transitioning to more sustainable solutions, Conquest founders identified an opportunity to further leverage their knowledge and experience to bridge the gap in the local Australian market. Hence born EcoTeq.


EcoTeq offer no compromise between productivity, safety, and the environment with their unique and innovative range of eco-friendly mowing and street cleansing solutions.


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