Start your year more productively with electronic taping machines

Supplier: Get Packed - Packaging
12 January, 2022

The year is new and it's the perfect time to consider increasing productivity. Here's a look at a range of taping machines that will either give you the same or higher output with less effort.

Electronic Taping Machines - definite length tape dispensers for low volume tape applications

  • M1000 - Is a compact desktop tape dispenser that will automatically dispense a pre-determined length of tape (even double sided tape) at the push of a button, automatically advancing the next length ready for application (anywhere from 20mm to 999mm)
  • ZCUT-9 - almost the same as the M1000, but can hold and dispense from two rolls of tape at a time. It is also a compact desktop dispenser which can be used with a variety of tapes from double sided, filament, cloth tape, pvc tapes and masking tape. It features 6 different lengths in memory and a photo sensor for precision.
  • ZCUT-2 - is a carousel type desktop dispenser where pre-determined lengths of tape are dispensed onto a carousel allowing easy use for multiple users.


Water Activated Tape Dispensers - definite length water activated tape dispensers great for warehousing and distribution

Available in both manual and electric definite length tape dispensers, but using water activated tape. The benefit of water activated tape is that as it is a paper tape it is environmentally friendly, and as it adhere's to the fibres of the carton/box it is difficult to remove or tamper with without evidence, making it a much more secure tape.

  • Manual BP 222 - is a desktop model that uses a lever to push out 25cm of water activated tape. No power or cords required.
  • Manual BP 333 - also a desktop model that features 15 pre-set tape lengths, so after choosing the desired length a lever that is pulled that dispenses the tape that has been water activated.
  • Electronic BP 555e - choose the desired length of tape at the press of a button. The 555e can be set to automatic which will deliver a new length of tape once one has been used. Features include dispensing tape at 114cm per second, 14 pre-set lengths from 15cm-145cm.


High Speed Automatic Tape Dispensers - for applying double sided tape for high volume applications

High speed double sided tape applicators for high volume applications for small or large items from wobblers and shelf talkers, through to large format posters and banners and other printed material. All come standard with 2 tape heads, but more can be added. 

  • ATM460 - the smallest of the 3 and can fit up to 4 tape heads and is ideal for wobblers and shelf talkers
  • ATM700 - Made to fit material up to 700mm wide with the option to add an automatic feeder (for material up to 390mm wide) for even faster production. Can fit up to 6 tape heads.
  • ATM1050 - the largest of the 3 to fit material up to 1050mm wide and also features a transmitter and receptor photo optic cell sensing system. Can accommodate up to 8 tape heads.