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Storing Water Safely and Economically

Supplier: Bushman Tanks
31 October, 2010

Whether you are a farmer, a householder or a business, there is often an opportunity to capture and store water.

There are many reasons for wanting to store water and there are a number of sources such as rain water, water from a dam or river or water captured from a storm water system. The important thing is to select the right tank to store it safely and economically.

The tank selection needs to be based on the amount of water that is required to be stored, the area available for a tank to go and how the tank will fit in aesthetically next to the house or building.

The amount of water to be stored will primarily depend on things such as how much rain water is available to be caught (roof or capture area and the annual rainfall) and the requirement that the water will be used for. For example if there is a requirement to have 20,000 litres of water stored for fire protection or 10,000 litres needs to be available for livestock use.

The location of the tank will determine the type of tank selected. For example if the tank is to go onto a suburban house, often a slimline tank will be selected or if it for use for stock water in an open paddock, a large round tank would be the best option.

The design of the tank and colour is important to ensure it looks good when the tank is placed next to the house or beside a shed. The wide range of colours available will provide a colour that will match the building.

At Bushmans Tanks our customer service representatives will take customers through a step by step process to ensure they install the tank that best suits their needs and it is safe and economical.

Please visit the Bushmans website for further information.

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