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Supa Safe anti slip coating solves slippery floor issue

Supplier: Global Safe Technologies By: Tibor Bode
26 July, 2010

Pro active maintenance management of the Mater Mother Hospital in Brisbane has identified slip and fall risk at the concrete main entrance area.

They contacted Global Safe Technologies to visit and assess the situation and to provide a sustainable, environmentally friendly, aesthetically appealing and easy to clean solution for this issue. 

The company's floor safety consultant has attended the site and after consultation with the maintenance people, it was decided to apply the Supa Safe environmentally friendly anti-slip coating system to the hospital main entrance and some other areas.

A special constraint was that the work had to be done in a way, which ensured that a walking path always stayed available for use. The consultant has also made recommendation regarding to tactile ground surface indicator installation in specific areas to ensure full compliance.

The work has completed over 2 weekends and management is very satisfied both with the result as well as the manner the work was completed. As part Global Safe's industry unique offering the new anti-slip surface was independently tested by Independent Slip Testing Services and came up with flying colours, achieving a wet Pendulum Class V classification of the new anti slip surface.

As per Global Safe's company policy of providing sustainable solutions, the Supa Safe product has also undergone accelerated wear testing. This indicative wear based on the after installation slip resistance test will ensure that the surface will provide a long term slip resistance standard compliant solution.

To assist the hospital Global Safe also provided a site specific cleaning and maintenance program for the newly treated surfaces.  

Regarding to sustainable remedial surface safety treatments please feel free to visit our website in Australia or contact us direct on 1300 668 620.