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Swinglift Australia Pty Ltd

Swinglift,Side Loader

Swinglift have revolutionized container handling, and transportation of containers around the world. Side lifters; side loaders; container lifters and swinglifters, as they are referred to, are the ideal machine for container transport, container lifting and moving requirements be it trailer to trailer, truck to trailer or rail or to ground. Swinglift always provides a fast safe profitable and productive transport solution with superior stability.

The name SWINGLIFT refers to our brand, however like all good inventions the name has become generic and today other container side loader manufacturers also refer to their side loaders; side lifters; container lifters; and swinglifters as "Swinglifts"

The first Swinglift was designed in the early 1970's by a typical innovative New Zealand engineer, Swinglift has been building and supplying container side loaders into the Australasian and world market for 33 years.

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