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Tamper Evident Labels | X-Safe

Supplier: B-Sealed

X-Safe Tamper Evident Labels are self-adhesive labels that void themselves when removed.

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Features and Benefits of X-Safe Tamper Evident Labels:

  • Logo, serial numbers and optionally barcodes, can be printed on surface
  • Available in various colours
  • A clearly visible void message appears upon peeling of label (both non-transfer and total transfer)
  • An adhesive layer with a void messsage is left behind on the surface to show evidence of tampering (total-transfer only)
  • The adhesive layer may be cleaned off on some surfaces to allow reuse of the sealed object (total-transfer only)
  • The security label also exhibits the void message to prevent the reuse of the label. By leaving a void message on the surface, recipients will know that the object has been accessed and tampered with (total-transfer only)
  • No cleaning required since no void message is left on the surface (non-transfer only)


  • Doors and utility meters
  • Server cabinets and information technology products
  • Boxes and envelopes (total-transfer recommended)
  • Postal and courier parcels
  • Security documents
  • Canisters and drums

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