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Tank Liners & Membranes

Supplier: ACUS

ACUS liners and membranes for use in both concrete and steel walled tanks

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Tank Liners & Membranes

ACUS Liners and Covers supply tank liners to suit all types of tanks including: drinking water (potable), stock water, electroplating, fire fighting, aquaculture and more.

They are suitable for open and closed-top tanks and fit all construction types, including – concrete, galvanised steel, concrete block, corrugated iron, fibreglass, brick and ploy tanks.

Provided a leaking tank is structurally sound enough to hold its intended capacity, a flexible tank liner can restore it to better-than-new condition within a day.

They are easy to install, and come complete with comprehensive, step-by-step installation instructions. Otherwise use our ACUS installers to install the tank liner for you.

Every tank liner is made to measure, and is designed and shaped by sophisticated software, after which it is carefully patterned and cut by a robotic cutter to ensure a superior fit, accurate to within a millimetre.

Any joints are welded with the exclusive ‘wedge weld’ – stronger than a traditional weld, it has no creases or flaps, giving you a more hygienic liner.

Why an ACUS tank liner?

  • Obligation free quote (unless site visit required).
  • Choice of specialised materials
  • Guaranteed perfect fit
  • Exclusive ‘wedge weld’ on joins
  • Choose from a variety of tank fittings
  • Simple, DIY installation
  • Warranty options on all tank liners
  • Over 25 years experience in liquid containment
  • ISO 9001:2000 Quality Accreditation for manufacturing
  • Certified by the Water Quality Centre to meet AS4020 (Int) 1994
  • Australian made, for the Australian climate
  • Order is easy, just measure, email and purchase!
  • Available in a range of specialised liner and membrane materials:

PVC Potable Tank Liner

PVC Potable Tank Liner is specially designed as a low cost Potable grade membrane available for storage of drinking water. The standard gauges are 0.50mm or 0.75mm. It comes in black, is very flexible and is produced from high grade virgin ingredients that meet the stringent requirements of AS4020 (Int) 1994 for potability.

PVC650 Potable Tank Liner

Food Grade reinforced PVC suitable for storage of drinking water, this heavy duty, 0.65mm PVC coated fabric is a high quality, high tenacity polyester fabric in a tearstop construction (in both directions).makes it ideal for use in larger storage tanks.

.Aeon XOL & XOR

Aeon XOL & XOR A long life light green geomembrane manufactured using the very latest DuPont Elvaloy© technology. Highly developed to resist chemical attack, microbial attack and weathering

Aeon XOL is un-reinforced while XOR is reinforced with an encapsulated edge to resist wicking and has good flexibility and tear strength.

Available in 0.75mm and .90mm gauge, are suitable against the risks of spillage from the processing and storage of modern chemicals, fuels and oils and against contamination spreading from old sites.

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