Tantalum in process measuring equipment

Supplier: Endress+Hauser Australia
26 October, 2011

Australia is the primary global source for Tantalum one of the most corrosion and heat resistant metals.

Tantalum has a melting point of 3017 degrees C, which is more than twice that of steel. This combination of heat and corrosion resistance provides incredible versatility and allows it to be used in jet engines, nuclear reactors, ballistic missiles, watchmaking, camera lenses, mobile phones, radio transmitters, electronic car systems, and computers.

With a high resistance to body fluids this dense and ductile metal is even used for surgical equipment, body implants and reconstructing joints, nerves and tissues.

Tantalum's physical properties make it perfect for use in process measurement equipment where it is used in highly corrosive liquids. One example is Endress+Hauser's coriolis mass flowmeter, the Promass H. With tantalum measuring tubes, the Promass H ensures long-term resistance to corrosive chemicals such as hydrochloric, phosphoric, nitric and chlorosulfuric acids. The tantalum measuring tubes guarantee the accuracy and reliability of the measurement in chemical sludges of unknown or changing composition and aggressive bases.

The flowmeter is also suitable for use in multipurpose plants with frequently changing and hazardous by-products, for example fertliser manufacture.