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The benefits of acoustic enclosures in industrial environments

Supplier: Noise Control Engineering
04 November, 2013

Noise is inevitable in industrial environments, most machines can produce noise that exceed limits, which can lead to serious health risks for those who need to work around them.

Employers are bound to protect their employees from noise levels above 85dB(A). Naturally, having workers merely wear protective earmuffs or ear plugs cannot stifle certain levels of noise. A more effective solution needs to be implemented and that solution may be delivered by an acoustic enclosure.

An acoustic enclosure can be used and designed for fixed or mobile applications. Enclosures for diesel and gas generators are effective buffers from the machine's noise. An acoustic enclosure may also be customised as a soundproof control or observation room, which will allow employees to work in a quiet environment and protect them against the noise in the plant. But generally, acoustic enclosures serve to muffle or shield the noise emanating from certain engines and machineries such as compressors, pumps, grinders, and the like.

Aside from protecting employees against the health risks of a noisy environment and helping the business adhere to noise regulation, an acoustic enclosure may also guarantee the uninterrupted and optimal performance of engines or machines. Manufacturers of this type of industrial enclosure can design it according to its application and add features that would prevent, for instance, electric motor heat. The addition of a small ventilation fan may address this need. Meanwhile, external materials and finishes may be specified according to the weather conditions the acoustic enclosure will encounter.

Since an acoustic enclosure can be designed and installed outdoors (not just indoors), nearby areas may also benefit from its noise-reducing capabilities. Instead of leaving a booming generator on top of a building or by the side of a structure, its owner may well protect neighbouring buildings from its noise by housing it in an acoustic enclosure. The enclosure may even be finished with paint that will match the overall appearance of the building so that it does not ruin its exterior area. This consideration of aesthetics is especially important for establishments that may be situated in a business or tourist area.

Generator sets, compressors, pumps, blowers, and every other noise producing machinery and engine are not only unpleasant to hear. High levels of noise can also create health risks, particularly when workers are exposed to it constantly. By using an expertly constructed acoustic enclosure, employers provide a quiet and healthy working environment for employees so that production is efficient and uninterrupted.