Things to Look Out for When Buying Anti-Slip Products

By: Grant King, IndustrySearch Writer
14 April, 2016

Basically the main things you want to look out for when buying anti-slip products is any product that stops you falling over.

While this is most likely to happen on slippery ladders and stairs, the flattest floor can also be a banana skin if the right protections aren't in place. So here are some tips on how to give your business more traction and less fractures.


Ladders are the single most dangerous piece of equipment in any warehouse or factory accounting for an alarmingly high proportion of injuries and fatalities. So if you really want to improve your safety record, get rid of ladders entirely and replace them with lift platforms. If that's not possible, non-slip ladder rung covers will at least reduce slippage caused by muddy boots.


Not quite in the same perilous league as ladders, stairs still offer ample opportunities for injury, especially if made slippery by muddy boots. Anti-slip stair nosings and cappings can be fitted to each step to create grip.

Anti-slip tapes

Warehouse floors with forklifts scooting in and out of alleyways all day are going to suffer the odd oil spill. Docks with large doors are going to get sideways rain driving in and turning them into treacherous puddles. Anti-slip tape is a flexible way to reduce the risk and create a high visibility alert for workers operating in these areas. Colour code problem areas and alleyways according to their likely risk – oil, water, mud, condensation – to forewarn workers to be extra careful.

Anti-slip coatings

If anti-slip tapes don't cover enough surface area to minimise the risk, an anti-slip coating can be applied to create all-over traction. Your choice of coating will depend on the surface and your budget - there are anti-slip coatings for most surfaces from concrete and asphalt to metal and wooden floors. The best solution is to get your local anti-slip product experts to do proper slip testing and apply the right coating to match.