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Tips for Purchasing Commercial Doors and Access Systems

By: Grant King - IndustrySearch Writer
02 July, 2015

Choosing commercial doors isn't just a case of filling a gap with something that opens and closes. It can be that simple if the only things requiring access are staff and clients.

But the majority of doors for commercial application need to meet specific criteria of size, function, ease of use, weather resistance, and security. A good many of these will be large warehouse doors requiring access systems.

Here are a few ideas to help work through your options.

Choosing garage doors

The general rule for garage doors in factories and warehouses is that they have to be big. They also have to be strong, secure and easy to operate with a manual or automatic access system.

If, as a rule, your garage door goes up at 8am and doesn't close again until 4:30pm, a simple roller door with a manual access system will most likely be all you need. If, however, security, environment control, or temperature control dictates that your door is only raised for deliveries, then immediately closed again, a fast action door with an automatic access system is the way to go.

Choosing car park doors

Secure car parks don't stay secure for long with slow roller doors. High speed doors that close quickly after a car enters are the safest option as they minimise the risks of anyone dubious sneaking in. High speed car park doors are strong enough to resist forced entry and high winds. They are generally solid, clear acrylic, or slatted.  

Choosing conveyor doors

Conveyor doors are doors on production lines and other forms of conveyor systems that need to open very quickly to let stock or components through, and then close just as quickly once they have. The best solution here is a fast action, fully automatic roller door with photo-electric sensors to detect approaching stock.

Choosing strip doors

Strip doors are the bead curtains of the industrial world; hanging strips of plastic or PVC that form a fairly secure barrier when still, but which can be burst through with ease and safety by a high speed forklift.

Strip doors are ideal where temperature control is important, such as cool stores, and allow fast movement of inward and outward goods without costly delays waiting for doors to roll up.


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