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Tips for your sales team in a modern world

By: Jeremy Nathan, MD of IndustraCom – Australia's B2B digital marketing specialist
05 November, 2014

The fundamentals of sales haven't changed: know your product, build rapport and keep filling your pipeline. However we live in a modern world with a whole bunch of new ways to improve the odds on sales success.

We have a team of 6 great sales executives and these are some of the techniques that work well for us. Tell us what works well in your team in the comments section below.


Inform don't sell

The days of the hard sell are well and truly over. Our job as sales people these days is to educate and inform our prospects. Educate them about your business, its values and beliefs, and about the market as a whole. Get prospects to believe in you and your company if you want to inspire them to take action on your product.

Another great way to build rapport over time, without always making a call, is to send through a relevant article with a personal note like: 'Hi Steve, I read this article and thought you may enjoy it…"

Make it easy

People today are extremely busy. If we sell something to someone, it then means they now have another thing to do; figuring out our product and how to use it.

Some buyers may be excited about that, but some (probably most) just don't want another thing to do. It's our job as salespeople to make things really easy for our customers, from filling out the paperwork to using our product.

Cultivate the relationship

As salespeople we are striving to hit our goals and we're often under pressure to do so. But our prospects don't care about that and if you rush a sale you're at risk of burning a prospect forever.

Develop the relationship and build it to a point where you are in the closing zone. We've found that takes anywhere between 4 and 7 quality interactions.

Follow up with a reason

Following up with prospects is an important part of sales. As an MD who gets lots of sales calls myself, I find nothing more boring than "Hi Jeremy, this is Brett from X, I'm just calling to follow up on ….".

The best sales calls I get are when someone has something interesting and relevant to tell me. It could be a new feature they launched for their product, some industry stats, or a special offer. I want to know that when a salesperson calls me they have some insight into my business and something worthwhile to share.

We're always looking out for new sales tricks and ideas, so please share what works for you down below in our 'Have your say' section. Happy prospecting!



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Adventure is his middle name either in business or in life. Jeremy is the founder and Managing Director of IndustraCom, an Australian leader in digital marketing for small and medium business.

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B ill Fell | Friday, November 7, 2014, 12:17 PM
Product information is essential and the ability to impart that knowledge paramount.I believe "Nobody really sees anything unless they understand all about what it is they are looking at" (You may quote me) Its just as important to explain the downside of your product, this brings trust into the equation. To days buyers are open to the truth.