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Tobin eye wash systems - a proven, quick and effective way to flush

Supplier: Enware By: Nicole
11 May, 2016

Tobin Eye Wash Systems – a proven, quick and effective way to flush contaminants from the eyes.

Chemicals in the eye can cause serious damage within seconds – washing within a few seconds can be decisive in minimising eye damage.

A temporarily blinded person trying to reach an Eyewash a few metres away requires presence of mind, a good sense of direction and an obstacle free passage. In all potentially hazardous environments an Eyewash Solution should be within arms reach.

The Tobin Eyewash has been proven to be a quick and safe way to wash chemicals and irritants from the eyes. This specially designed system gives the fastest possible application of flushing fluid..

The bottle is constructed to empty under natural pressure giving a soft flow. When the bottom air vent is opened a patient cannot increase the flow by squeezing the bottle. A one litre bottle provides approximately 3 minutes of continuous flow.

Auxiliary bottles can easily be removed from the stand and taken along during patient transportation. Unopened bottles have a 3 year shelf life.

For more information contact Enware on 1300 ENWARE or go to: Enware | TOB130 Tobin Eyewash Cabinet