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Top 4 Reasons You Should Install A UPS System

Supplier: Power Shield
27 July, 2015

A UPS (uninterrupted power supply) is an external power supply which supplements and conditions your main power supply, giving you a safe 'buffer' should there be any power outages.

If you've got an unstable power supply or you just want to cover yourself in the event of a power outage, installing a UPS system is an excellent idea.

So why are so many people installing UPS systems?

Protection from data loss

This might not be an issue on your laptop, but desktops don't handle power cuts well do they? Even a surge in power or an unstable current can be enough to knock off some computers. Utilising a UPS system will enable you to carry on working, save your data and take any other steps you need to before you lose power.

This is one of the primary reasons for installing a UPS system, and with so much data at stake these days, it's not difficult to see why.

Power backup

Power spikes, brownouts and blackouts are all things which businesses in the city and countryside alike have to deal with every day. Depending on how sensitive your machines are, you might experience lost power or at the very least, an intermittent system.

Installing a UPS will defend you against the hassle this can cause, leaving you free to pursue more important matters like running your business.

Escaping power surges

As mentioned above, power surges are a threat everywhere and there's no real warning before they strike. Not only will a UPS system provide a power backup in the event of an outage, it will also work to regulate your power supply, compensating and supplementing as needed in order to give your appliances the smoothest and most consistent flow of electricity possible.

Keeping expensive machinery safe

It's very easy for a power surge or disruptive current to completely ruin a computer or air conditioning unit for example, leaving it in need of serious repairs and expense.

Installing a UPS will not only keep the power supply constant and allow you to carry on working in the event of a blackout, it will also save your computers and other devices from power surges which could otherwise destroy them.

So, UPS systems are not only used in IT, but also for air conditioners, phones and other gadgets, so that they can keep working when they usually wouldn't be able to.

They're a safeguard against unpredictable power supplies, and they'll help you carry on working when you have trouble with your energy supply in general. The stress this removes from running a day to day business, or trying to stay cool when you depend on air conditioning, is invaluable.