A recent installation included a new Focus 75kw VSD Compressor to replace a 75kw Kaeser Fixed speed compressor.

Project Details:

After an urgent breakdown with the previous Kaeser compressor, Focus Industrial responded quickly to dispatch a technician to site to inspect the compressor.

After confirming the air end was completely seized and replacement air end costing more than the complete new compressor value we could offer.

The client invested immediately in the Focus 75kw VSD compressor. This also saves the customer in excess of 30% of their power costs for their compressed air now being a VSD compressor replacing a fixed speed compressor.

This customer manufactures electronic components such as power points and switches for the Australian Market. At Focus Industrial, we are always grateful to be able to support Australian Manufacturing.

Installed Equipment:

DCT Variable Speed Base Mount Air Compressors.(100hp – 420hp). DCT SERIES

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