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Vacuum Toilets & Sewer Systems for Building, Oil & Gas, Rail | Evac

Supplier: H.I.Fraser

H.I.Fraser is the exclusive Australian and New Zealand agent for Evac since 2004, we offer a full range of vacuum drainage systems for building, Oil & Gas, rail, marine and municipal sectors.

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Together with our international partner EVAC, H.I. Fraser has access to over 50 years of collective world-wide experience in vacuum toilets and vacuum drainage systems. We know how to make waste and wastewater collection as well as treatment solutions both environmentally sustainable and economically efficient.

We service all building sectors including:

  • high-rise buildings incl. offices, shopping centres, supermarkets, convention centres including existing building fitouts
  • public buildings incl. historic and heritage listed sites, railway stations, airports, schools, universities, medical centres, prisons and other remote sites.

Our Environmental Solutions Department provides the following design, engineering and consultancy services for new vacuum drainage systems:

  • whole of vacuum system design, engineering and integration according to vacuum drainage guidelines
  • electrical and mechanical design and engineering
  • energy efficiency and sustainability assessments.

We have capabilities to work directly with:

  • major plumbing contractors
  • minor works and fit out contractors
  • building owners and operators
  • facilities managers
  • engineering and hydraulic consultants.

We work to the following standards:

  • BS EN 12109-1999
  • AS 3500
  • NCC – National Construction Code (Building Code of Australia)
  • PCA – Plumbing Code of Australia
  • WSAA Vacuum Sewerage Code of Australia (WSA 06-2004)
  • AS4310:2004 – DN80 Piston Type Vacuum Interface Valves for Municipal Sewer Systems.

We offer a full range of EVAC vacuum systems:

  • Vacuum toilets

The Evac Vacuum Toilet looks like any conventional toilet but instead of relying on gravity it creates powerful vacuum to flush the toilet. Water consumption is very low, only 1.2 litres per flush. Because the operation is purely pneumatic, no electrical connections are needed.

Evac vacuum toilets animation

  • Vacuum interface units

The working principle of the vacuum interface unit is very much the same as that of the vacuum toilet.

The manually operated push button is replaced by the activator which reacts through its diaphragm, being triggered when a static head of 80mm has been built up in the grey water tank. The activator transfers the operating vacuum to the plunger diaphragm so that the discharge valve opens. After 3 seconds the activator shall close the supply of the operating vacuum to the discharge valve which immediately closes. When the liquid level in the tank has reached approx 80mm, the cycle is repeated.

  • Vacuum collection tanks

The vacuum collection unit creates the vacuum for the system. It is the only part of the system that consumes energy. The Vacuum Collection Unit consists of vacuum tank, vacuum pumps, discharge pump and operating control panel. The size and number of tanks and pumps depend on the size and type of the project, number of toilets, frequency of use ect.

Evac have a number of units to suit all types of projects. All units are designed and sized according to the European Norm 12109 Vacuum Drainage Systems and manufactured according to the European and International Standards.

  • Wastewater treatment plants

Recycling of Black and Grey Water

Vacuum systems also lend themselves to the recycling of gray water. Once again the flexibility of the vacuum system allows you to bring all the grey water from the building back to one location, for forwarding to your treatment plant.

Evac can offer a wide range of sewage treatment plants from biological sewage treatment plants to membrane bioreactors for recycling gray water to be used as toilet flush and irrigation water or the safe disposal of black water. The plants have been designed to minimize technical problems and to maximize total process reliability.

  • Water treatment

Evac water treatment installations can turn lower quality water including sea water into process, service and drinking water. Evac equipments include media and membrane filtration (reverse osmosis), UV or chlorine disinfection, water softening, pH adjustment and mineralization.

To make an enquiry email us on EnvironmentalNSW@hifraser.com or call us on (+612) 9998 6655.

To learn more about what we do visit our Vacuum Sewer System Consultancy page or view our Case Studies.