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Vision Screeners | Titmus V Series

Supplier: Honeywell Safety Products Australia

Sperian Protection (now part of Honeywell) is again setting the standard for vision screening instruments with the launch of the new range of Titmus™ VSeries of vision screeners.

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Merging the best of the TITMUS iSeries and Model 2, the new Titmus™ VSeries are ergonomically-designed, precision-built stereoscopic instruments which provide precise and prompt measurement of visual performance.

The new Titmus™ VSeries includes the Titmus™ V2 Vision Screener and the Titmus™ V4 Vision Screener, and are engineered for accuracy, validity and reliability with an emphasis on convenience and ease of administration.

Able to test an individual’s eye sight in under 15 minutes, the Titmus™ VSeries is ideal for testing workers’ vision to ensure that they are complying with OH&S regulations and that their vision is adequate for performing their specific job function.

In addition to testing for peripheral, far and near vision, one of the key benefits of the new Titmus™ VSeries is the variety of tests available to test eye sight.  

With a total of 16 tests per vision screener (based on the slide set selected), testers can screen for visual acuity, muscle balance (horizontal and vertical phoria), depth perception, colour perception, and binocular vision. For individuals who need to have their vision screened at night-driving conditions, the Titmus™ V4 Vision Screener offers night vision testing.

Designed to be portable, the Titmus™ VSeries of vision screening instruments are compact and lightweight, and feature an integrated handle for easy transportation. An optional carry case with wheels is also available.

With patient comfort a priority to ensure efficient and effective testing, the Titmus™ VSeries can accommodate both adults and children in a sitting or standing position thanks to its unique ergonomic design. A soft foam headrest ensures that the head is in the correct position during testing.

In order to improve slide illumination, the Titmus™ VSeries also features a fluorescent light source which replicates actual daylight conditions. Not only will this provide true colour testing, but will also provide the vision screener with 10 000 hours of extended service.

Easy to operate, the Titmus™ V2 Vision Screener features a manual wheel to advance test slides, and includes a built-in membrane switch to occlude each eye and to control peripheral vision tests, while the Titmus™ V4 Vision Screener features an external membrane control panel. Located at the fingertips, the membrane control panel includes indictors on the panel for far/near, patient head position, eye occlusion, as well as test slide position. 

The Titmus™ VSeries Vision Screeners can be used to screen the vision of adults and children in a variety of functions including occupational, professional, paediatric, and at school.

For accurate and reliable vision screening at work, look no further than the new Titmus™ VSeries range of vision screeners.