Waste not, want not - from instrument to complete solution

Supplier: Endress+Hauser Australia
29 November, 2011

The thermal treatment of household and industrial waste in waste-to-energy plants is increasing in popularity as it solves two issues in one – waste management and sustainable energy.

Endress+Hauser offers a complete range of solutions for waste-to-energy plants, from temperature and pressure measurements in the incineration area to analytical measurements in the water treatment plant and level and flow measurements in the gas scrubbing system.

Temperature and flow measurement

Temperature and flow measuring points are everywhere in waste-to-energy plants. Endress+Hauser has solutions to suit all areas - from general purpose or heavy duty probes and thermowells to quick response flow switches, DP flow, vortex and electromagnetic flowmeters for water, air and steam - the technology is there, the choice is yours! Better still, we offer a complete package including primary elements such as venturis, orifice plates and pitot tubes.

In the combustion chamber...

The harsh environment of the combustion chamber often leads to a high attrition rate of instruments. When it comes to reliable temperature measurement and device longevity, our specially engineered thermowells offer outstanding device protection, minimising maintenance and repairs and keeping your plant up and running.

In the boiler drum...

Water level measurement in the boiler drum is a critical measurement with regard to plant safety, steam quantity and turbine control. Endress+Hauser's Deltabar DP transmitter is a proven perfect fit as it is suitable for use in the high temperatures and pressures experienced here. As an alternative technology, our Levelflex guided radars are also suitable for this application. Suitable for temperatures up to 450°C and pressures up to 400 bar, Levelflex provides accurate level measurement in all steam applications. Better still, with automatic gas phase compensation, Levelflex maintains continuous accuracy and control even in changing process conditions.

Water treatment

When it comes to water treatment, we have the right tools for the job. Our Stamolys colourimetric analyser provides a compact photometric analysis system for silicate measurement in ultrapure water and boiler feedwater, preventing damage to turbine blades and keeping your plant running at optimum.

Your partner throughout your plant's life cycle

At Endress+Hauser we don't just stop at the provision of instrumentation, we're always on hand to help. Our range of support tools such as [email protected] – Life Cycle Management fits seamlessly with our range of services such as spares, repairs, calibration services and maintenance contracts to provide you with outstanding tailor-made support.