What's new in motion solutions

Supplier: MayTec Australia
03 February, 2012

Until recently, MayTec has only provided high precision linear guide rails which are mounted onto the profiles to provide a accurate guide rail for the movement of carriage assemblies.The demand for a low end "slider" system has led to the development of the Eco-Slide.

The Eco-Slide is a simple sliding carriage interfacing with most profiles and offering over 20 carriage design variants. The Eco-Slide presents a number of open slots for the user to interface whatever product or devices is needed.

The extensive range of MayTec fastening elements can be utilised such as T-Nuts and bolt inserts to mount equipment onto the carriage. The Eco Slide runs smoothly over the profiles using special Murlubric glide blocks which have extremely low friction and are manufactured to the highest tolerances. The carriages can be motor driven or hand operated for manual adjustment.

The left image shows the previous rig used to facilitate welding of curved pipe fittings which required constant adjustment for various shapes and sizes. The right image shows the Maytec solution utilising the Eco Slide to simplifying the design considerably.

Under the supervision of Jason Boric, who implemented this Eco Slide system to suit Webforge's requirements, the first unit is now in use and they are planning on more.

"We like the way MayTec’s slide can be fitted quickly and easily. The components are easy to use and the range of options suited what we needed. We now want to upgrade all our welding rigs," Boric said.

The Eco Slide can be adapted to any existing Maytec frame and can be used for a large number of basic linear movement applications. Call us now for pricing and information on the Eco Slide and how we can simplify your next project.