What to look for when selecting a Water Cartage Tank

The Australian market contains three prominent cartage tank types: fiberglass, steel and polyethylene - but which one is best for me?

Each type offers its own various pros and cons, depending upon its application, which can make the purchasing process confusing. Here are some questions you need to ask in order to make an informed decision about your ideal tank. 

Know your application

Are you looking for a storage tank or a cartage tank?

Because of the high chemical resistance of polyethylene, poly tanks are suitable for storing and/or carting water. However, because cartage tanks are manufactured to meet the requirements of transportation and withstand tough operating conditions, the design and wall thickness does not lend itself to be the most economical option for storage only application.

There are other poly tanks on the market designed for storage; they have thinner tank walls and larger capacities to suit this application.

Do your tanks also require the ability to cart chemical or molasses/fertiliser?

Polyethylene is highly chemical resistant and non-corrosive to boot! Molasses/Fertiliser grade polyethylene tanks are heavier than standard cartage tanks, as they require thicker tank walls.

You can read more about that here

Do you need a food grade tank, with the ability to store and cart potable (drinking) water?

Polyethylene tanks are manufactured from food grade poly, and are therefore safe for carting potable water. Fibreglass tanks, on the other hand, require a food grade coating to meet Australian standards for storing water. This is because they are a lighter and thinner tank, generally allowing light entry, which can cause algae growth.

Steel tanks are often manufactured from galvanised steel, a zinc coating which protects from corrosion. To prevent zinc leakage, steel tanks can be lined with food grade polyethylene (known as a ‘tank liner’), however this can be expensive to manufacture.

What size tank do you need?

Every job is different, just like every tank. TTi manufacture tanks from as little as 20 Litres, through to 15,000 Litres, as well as modular tank systems capable of carting up to 30,000 Litres.

Know your Capability

We all know that life isn’t easy, but isn’t it nice to save yourself some hassle when you can?

Polyethylene tanks are lighter and easier to move and install than other tank types. Fibreglass tanks, whilst also light and flexible, cannot offer the same strength as that of a poly tank.

Steel tanks on the other hand, offer the strength expected of their material, though this means they are heavier and harder to transport.

With the advantage of being light and strong, poly tanks save you time and effort from the very beginning. And let’s not forget that time means money!

Know your Strengths

Is your tank built for Australian conditions?

Some tanks are just simply not cut out to bear the harsh Australian weather conditions (and let’s face it, who can blame them?). TTi offers UV stabilised polyethylene tanks built to withstand the elements, protecting your tank from UV exposure and cracking. Fibreglass tanks are thin and light, offering some advantages, though making them brittle, and prone to cracking when exposed to harsher conditions for extended periods of time. Of course, whilst steel tanks are undeniably strong, they tend to be more susceptible to rust and corrosion from exposure over time.

We pride ourselves on the ability to manufacture tanks locally, Australian made for Australian conditions.

Will your tank be exposed to rough surfaces?

Weathering is not the only risk associated with cartage tanks, some rough road surfaces offer their own troubles, especially when transporting large volumes of liquid. Tanks can be fitted with the Ball Baffle Safety System to improve vehicle stability, braking control, and reduce wear and tear on drive train, brakes and suspension systems. TTi offers the added benefit of specially formulated polyethylene, ideal for safe and secure transportation. Tank structure allows real flex to cope with those truck chassis twists and moves that happen during tough operating conditions.

Know your Load Limits

It pays to know your load limits! How big is your vehicle, and what size, weight and height, is it capable of towing?

It is imperative that you comply to load limits, not only for the safety of your tank and vehicle investment, but most importantly for your own safety as the operator. The team at TTi are happy to offer all tank dimensions, weights and other specifications required in order to make your life easier when purchasing a new tank.

We highly recommend you check out your local council website to find out more about your requirements.

…Would you like fries with that?

Perhaps your last tank didn’t offer you the stability you needed in your life?

The Ball Baffle Safety System offers an effective solution for liquid surge, and is suitable for poly tanks as well as steel and fibreglass. Independent testing has shown improved vehicle stability, and up to 46% improvement in braking when equipped with the Ball Baffle Safety System, with minimal displacement and weight increase.

I’d like to upgrade to a large meal, actually!

TTi offer a wide variety of accessories and fittings to suit your application. Need a Fire Fighting unit? Add a pump and hose reel. How about Dust Suppression? We have dribble bars, pressure bars, spray heads and water canons! But it’s spraying season and I need a Field Sprayer! Don’t stress, we offer Genuine Honda motors with reliable 12 volt or PTO pumps and booms from 1m to 12m so you can cover your ground quickly!

No matter what you need from your tank, we want to, and will endeavour to do all we can, to meet your needs.

I want it to match the colour of my eyes!

Though our tanks are moulded in our standard Safety Green colour, we are able to mould your tank in your corporate colour (though we cannot promise this will match the colour of your eyes, sorry!). Other colours available include: (translucent) Faint Green, Natural, Trans Yellow, Trans Blue, (opaque) Dark Blue, Heritage Green, Yellow, Orange, Red, White, Concrete Grey and Black. For water storage, TTi highly recommend using opaque colours to prevent algae growth.

Does your outlet suit your application?

TTi offers customised outlet sizes and locations as part of their service. Call the friendly team today to discuss your options!