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Why use disposable clothing?

Supplier: BOC Limited
17 March, 2010

The value of disposable clothing is often dismissed in the argument: "Why buy something that needs to be thrown away, when I can wash what I already use?"

Contamination control is now a major concern for most existing and advanced manufacturing technologies.

In hospital, medical, pharmaceutical, research and food industries where control of contamination of the surrounding environment is critical, disposables are widely used.

Hair, sweat, skin flakes, dandruff, clothing threads, dust, bacteria, viruses, pollen, fungi spores, insects, chemicals, water, aerosols and other contaminants are carried into your facility by your workers, products and packaging materials.

Where a physical barrier is required and cleanliness and hygiene is critical, a single use disposable garment may be the solution.

You can feel confident that your employees and guests are all attired in a uniform manner and are protected in the way you require.Disposables help regulate that your staff are covered in a safe, clean and consistent way.

You can more easily control the disposal and re-issue of fresh garments and not worry about collection, washing and cleanliness of reusable items.