Workforce Safety … because lives matter!

Supplier: Enware
09 August, 2017

A serious workplace injury or death changes lives forever. That’s why at Enware, workforce safety is at the heart of the design and manufacture of our emergency first response showers, eye and eye face washes.

Every second counts when it comes to minimising the impact of a workplace injury.  Personal protective equipment is important.  However, it's the first response to an emergency that is so critical in minimising the impact.

Different sites, users and hazards may require specific and sometimes customised solutions to meet particular safety initiatives.  There are many choices, finding the one that is right for your workplace is critical.


Emergency safety showers assist in the rapid flushing of contaminants from the body. Eye and eye face washes are designed to provide a softer flush of the sensitive eyes and face. There are times when a combination of a shower and eye or eye/face wash will be needed. Enware can help you make the right decision.

Portable eye washes 
When those all important seconds count, in some cases it may be necessary to have the option of a portable eye wash system close by until the injured employee can reach the first response emergency shower/eye wash station.   

Customised solutions 
You may need a customised solution to adapt to your specific work environments, do you need lighting, alarm systems or powder coating for corrosive environments, additional signage or specific outdoor installation requirements? Enware has a range of options to suit.

Enware has been designing and manufacturing emergency shower and eye wash systems for almost 30 years. Enware's experience and flexible manufacturing process means emergency systems can be customised to align with work site challenges such as specific user requirements, hazards and other site requirements.

Workplace safety effects us all… lives matter… everyone deserves to go home safe.­­