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4B Australia

4B Australia | Bucket Elevator & Conveyor Components

4B Australia

4B has the world's largest range of bucket elevator components.

The range includes steel and plastic elevator buckets, elevator bolts and high quality elevator belting.4B's engineering department not only sell components; they also recommend the best combination of elevator components to suit their customers' application and requirements and can help to increase the capacity and performance of bucket elevators.

4B offers the highest quality drop forged conveyor chains, with a large number of sizes available from stock.

4B's Bolt ‘N’ Go flight system is a revolutionary assembly method for drop forged chains. Link and flight assembly is made easy by using a standard bolt and mechanical lock nut with a high strength, heat treated hollow pin. There are no circlips and no intricate assembly is required. There is no welding of flights, no need to remove chain from the conveyor for installation, and no issues with strength. Just bolt the links and the flights together. It’s easy, simple and reliable!

4B Australia's electronics division specialises in level controls, intelligent sensors and safety control systems that prevent costly downtime and minimise the risk of explosion in hazardous areas.The range includes bearing temperature sensors, belt and pullley misalignment sensors, stop and slip switches and multi-functional monitoring systems to monitor complete bucket elevators and conveyors.

4B Australia is a subsidiary of 4B Braime - the international market leader in the field of bucket elevator and conveyor components and electronic monitoring equipment.

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As of 1st December 2010 4B is established in Brisbane, Australia, and looking forward to receiving your enquiries.

We are aiming to offer our local customers a quick service and short delivery times, thanks to our own own warehouse.

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