5 laser cutter ideas for custom wedding décor

Get inspired from these 5 ideas for wedding decor.

What wedding trends can you realise with your laser cutter? Let us inspire you!

The laser cutter is a highly flexible tool for personalisation, so you can easily implement your customers’ wishes. Virtually any design can be realised and a wide variety of materials can be processed. Are you looking for ideas? What are the trends for custom wedding décor? We have collected five ideas that you can use to implement current wedding trends with your laser cutter.


Personalised wedding ornaments.

Made of wood, of course.

Natural and sustainable. A trend that’s here to stay and which is reflected in the design elements. Wood is a wonderful, natural material that radiates warmth - just right for a wedding. With a laser cutter, wood can be engraved and cut without the need for any pre and post processing, making the work very fast. A laser machine enables precise cutting as well as the finest geometries. Personalised wedding ornaments are a wonderful souvenir of the day, and should therefore be of high quality and durable.


Vintage custom wedding décor.

Vintage style continues to be on trend for weddings and involves reusing or mimicking older, usually secondhand, clothing, jewellery, accessories, pictures and other everyday items. Due to a much greater focus on sustainability, actual second-hand things are often used – either as they are or in a modified form. Using the laser cutter as a universal tool for a wide variety of materials, you can easily implement individual wishes. Whether it's adding the names of guests to grandma's wine glasses or cutting up mother-in-law’s lace curtains for the table decorations.


Custom guest gifts at the wedding.

In the last few years, it was not a given to celebrate special occasions. People value celebrating them with their loved ones all the more now. Among other things, this finds expression in personally designed invitations, decorative elements, and guest gifts. More than ever, a wedding celebration is seen as something really special that should be remembered. High-quality personalised ornaments and laser-engraved glasses or photo frames can be a unique thank you to guests for joining the celebration.


Laser-cut lettering and wedding cake toppers

Whether used for cake toppers, photo box accessories or decorative elements, laser-cut lettering is very popular for weddings. Depending on the style of the wedding, they can be modern, classic, elegant or rustic. Wood is also popular. Acrylic is a flexible alternative, and is available in almost all shades, from bright colours to pastel shades and glittery surfaces.


Laser-cut accessories for the bride and groom

It’s even possible to use the laser to design the wedding dress or wedding shoes for those who opt for a really individual choice! Lasers offer incredible design options when it comes to textile processing. The laser beam gently fuses the cut edge of synthetic fabrics, which prevents fraying. The flexibility and precision of the laser enables extravagantly shaped cuts and the finest contours. It’s therefore possible to create bespoke accessories, jewellery, bracelets and headdresses for weddings.

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