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Activa Rubber Flooring

Activa Rubber Flooring | Rubber Flooring

Activa Rubber Flooring

Activa Rubber Flooring is designed around a number of features intended to bring "Quality of Life from the Floor".

This concept embraces throughout the lifetime of the product, from the manufacturing to its disposal.

By selecting Activa products you will give your contribution to the present and future environment

Activa Rubber Flooring is the name born from the experience with Pirelli, the originator of rubber flooring.

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Safety is the number one concern of industrial and commercial applications. With Activa, the concept of safety embraces all the phases of the products life.

Activa products do not generate toxic substances when disposed or incinerated at the end of its life cycle.

No substances to harm the environment.

Disposable as a normal waste.

No question: rubber is the most economical due to its long life cycle and low maintenance

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