Advice to new adopters of packaging machinery

IndustrySearch talks with Chad Egan from Australian Wrapping Company about their history as one of Australia's leading packaging machinery companies.

Tell us a little about Australian Wrapping Companies history

The Australian Wrapping Company started about 40 years ago and the company has developed since then. The company has provided solutions in different areas of packaging. We have been involved in shrink wrapping, flow wrapping, pallet wrapping, we specialise in these kinds of equipment and anything pretty much to do with wrapping or shrinking we can get it out of our warehouse (and deliver).


What new technology has Australian Wrapping Company developed recently?

One of the machines we brought out was a wrapping machine, we found out that there is a lot of requirement for aeration in the food industry (and there are machines that specialise in this area). We developed a machine that can serve well and wrap right there on the pallet, so it is not just giving ventilation for the food, it works fast, in a cold storage environment and it improves performance (a full wrap pallet takes double time).


What advice would you give to companies who have not adapted to technology like yours?

Basically, they (the client) get us involved, we are happy to bring the machine out and we do an analysis report on what they are using now and what the machine has to offer, it speaks for itself once you see a wrap and we say basically it is what most companies do (ask for a proof of concept).