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Supplier: Filterfit

Heavy duty removable media panel filters, FT2 350mm deep self-supported air filter, FMP multi-pocket high-efficiency bag filters and HEPA filter are the leading air filtration products of Filterfit.

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The following products are used in industrial ventilation and pharmaceutical industries:


  • Heavy Duty Removable media panel filters can be used in industrial ventilation system.
  • HEPA Filters are widely applied in air filters to manage airborne particulate levels.
  • FT2 Deep Bed Filter is used in general air conditioning and air flow techniques, process air techniques industrial programs and as pre-filters for odour removal filters
  • The FMP Multi Pocket High Efficiency Bag Filters are suitable for applying unit fatigue programs or great dust-loading programs, where filter media is regularly changed.
  • The above are also used in pharmaceutical, automotive and food processing industries, professional buildings, various professional programs and air flow techniques.


  • Standard FT2 Deep Bed Filter are constructed whereas support accessibility is on the dusty air part of the filter. Reverse accessibility filters are also available on request.
  • The self supporting FMP Multi Pocket High Efficiency Bag Filters are created from high-quality artificial media pockets attached to an interlocked support structure. The media comprises a matrix of primary and secondary artificial fibres with a fine layer of great strength spun bond scrim on the air leaving part. This helps to increase filter stability and prevent particle migration.
  • HEPA Filters are available in aluminium separator type or close pleat configuration. The sealing to filter housing or structure is achieved through a leak-free, dry seal program.


  • The FT2 Deep Bed Filter can be set up by fixing permanent supports to filter plenums and can be generated up into banks by riveting or bolting supports together.
  • The FT2 Deep Bed Filter air filter is a 2 pocket self-supportive bag filter which provides economical medium efficiency filters.
  • Heavy Duty Removable media panel filters includes fibreglass stoppable media, suitable for various unit fatigue programs.