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Air Seeders | Large Capacity Air Seeders

Supplier: Gason

Air Seeders with large capacity is also available. Gason 12000 Lt. and 15000 Lt. seeders introduced in 2005

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Air Seeders | Large Capacity Air Seeders

Grain and cereal growers in the market for a large capacity seeder can be confident of the Gason 12000 Lt. and 15000 Lt. Seeders introduced in 2005.

Following stringent in-house testing and with the history of a reliable distribution system Gason released the large capacity air seeders and can now confirm, like their smaller range, they have had a trouble free run.

Gason's Managing Director, Les Gason says “It's not just a simple process of beefing up a product to carry a greater amount of seed and fertilizer, it's a matter of ensuring the product is structurally sound to carry the load in sometimes rough conditions.

Therefore obviously it's pleasing to look back and see a trouble free introduction of a new product, particularly a product with such a load carrying capacity”.

The big seeder series features bin capacities ranging up to 15,400 litres in a wider, longer, taller, heavier and more productive machine designed specifically for broadacre cropping for Australian sowing conditions.

The 2150 series replaces the Gason 2120 series range as the largest seeder in the Gason seeder line up renowned for being engineered for the big country.

Gason's Enginerring Manager Greg Gason says key features of the new SR Meterbox include improved metering efficiency, productivity and serviceability and durability.

The new meterbox is today being fitted to all air seeders from 6000 Lts. Up in the Gason range of models.

Features of the SR Meterbox include side removal of the meter wheel assembly for easy serviceability and interchange ability

  1. The system has a standard six outlet housing which can be configured as a four or six outlet box.
  2. The SR meter wheel handles the majority of seed and fertiliser products with minimal adjustment.
  3. A hinged bottom hatch allows the operator to calibrate and clean out with ease.
  4. An optional meter wheel shut off system facilitates easy change over of assemblies and a see-through, removable inspection panel provide alternative access to the meter wheel.
  5. The system also has externally adjustable meter wheel diverter blades for deep banding.
  6. An alternative meter wheel is available for use in sowing broad beans.
  7. The big new 2150 series air seeder range is available in four capacities with front and rear tow options.
  8. Unloaded the 2150 rear tow unit weighs 5200kg and fully laden weighs up to 20,600kg.
  9. Front wheel quad tyre sizes are 23.1-30 and rear tyres 900/60 R32.