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Andian Sales

Andian Sales | Logistics & Safety Equipment

Andian Sales

Andian Sales is a Bundoora based company. It was founded in 1980. The company specialises in providing all types of safety products which can be used in various industries.

We have a range of products that are not industry specific. Our products like boom gates, bollards, speed humps and rack protection devices are commonly used in more than one industry.

Apart from aforementioned products, we also specialise in Traffic Safety Management equipment, Bollards, Gates, Steel Fencing and Barriers, Expandable Barriers, Convex Mirrors, Speed Cushions, Car Park Wheel Stops, Street Furniture including Rubbish Bins, Benches, Seats and Park Seating.

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With over thirty years of experience, Andian Sales offer a wide range of high-quality logistics and safety equipment.

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