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Applied Infrared Sensing

Applied Infrared Sensing | Experts In The Infrared & Thermal Imaging World

Applied Infrared Sensing

Applied Infrared Sensing works in security and surveillance, medical, industrial and scientific markets offering a wide range of infrared CCTV and thermal imaging cameras, infrared illuminators and barriers, fibre optic and microwave intrusion and motion sensors and security fences, coastal surveillance as well as sophisticated equipment for research and development and medical science.

We pride ourselves in building long term relationships. We provide accurate information and assistance to the leading Australian consulting houses. We have participated in major projects with leading industry partners including Bosch, Siemens, Honeywell, Boeing and many innovative Australian businesses. Our valued clients include private industry, research, educational and various Australian government organisations.

As specialists in all types of passive and active infrared we do not favour one technology over another just because this is the only type we know or sell. Please call us for the right advice on the infrared technology or go and check our range of products and solution for Security & Defence or for Research & Industrial.

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Applied Infrared Sensing is your local source of expertise in the infrared and thermal imaging world.

Our specialists have been working with infrared technologies since 1996 in Australia and overseas. The business in its current form has operated since early 2004 and received various industry awards and recognitions.

Our consistency and quality of service over time has been formally recognised by highly regarded receiving Defence Recognised Supplier status.

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