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Applied Measurement Australia

Applied Measurement Australia | Sensors & Instrumentation for Test & Measurement

Applied Measurement Australia

Since 1976, Applied Measurement Australia has employed a total systems approach to engineered measurement and control applications. Applied Measurement’s product portfolio includes an enviable range of international brands, as well as in-house manufactured product which is both sold locally, and exported.

As an engineering company, Applied Measurement designs and manufactures purpose built products and systems, and offers comprehensive NATA accredited test facilities. Operating across Australia

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Applied Measurement focuses on providing product and engineering solutions in the areas of Pressure, Force, Torque, Displacement, Tilt, Strain, Weight, Acceleration, Velocity, and Position. Services also include design, testing, and calibration.

Our Brands Include:

• Amalgamated Instruments
• ATI Industrial Automation
• Capacitec Crane
• CoAteq
• Dacell
• Datatel
• DJB Instruments
• Ecotest
• Hitec Products Inc
• HSI - Houston Scientific
• IMC- Integrated Measurement and Control
• Jewell Instruments
• Magpowr
• Matracourt
• Measurement Specialties - Entran
• Measurement Specialties - IC Sensors
• Measurement Specialties - Piezo Film Sensors
• Measurement Specialties - Position Sensors
• Measurement Technology Northwest
• MEL Mikroelectronic
• Motorsport Division
• Philtec
• Posic
• Positek
• Racelogic
• Sensor Instruments
• Sherborne Sensors
• Showa
• Watson Industries
• Waycon Positionsmesstechnik

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